Capital Preservation & Growth Fund FAQ

Q: How does it work?
A: The Growth Fund features the same rates and terms as our Income Fund, however the interest is reinvested monthly, generating compounding interest.


Q: When is the interest reinvested?
A: Accrued interest is reinvested as principal on the first of every month.


Q: How is the interest reported?
A: Interest accrued and reinvested is reported annually on a form 1099-INT.


Q: Can I invest in the Growth Fund using a retirement account?
A: Yes. You can invest using a Self-Directed IRA/Roth IRA. Stadia will even pay for the account fees when using our preferred custodian.


Q: Can I switch to the Income Fund to begin receiving the monthly interest?
A: Yes. You can change your fund election anytime by submitting a new Return of Interest & Principal form and selecting Capital Preservation & Income in Section 2.


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