About Us

Our Values

People, Products, and Profit.

  • People come first. At its most basic level, business is about individuals providing products and services to other individuals. Putting people first means caring for the interest of our clients, employees, and associates over maximizing short term profits. This approach enhances operational stability while laying the foundation for long term profitability. We believe people want to work for and do business with firms that foster these values.
  • Our goal is to provide exceptional products and services in a socially and environmentally sound manner. Customer satisfaction is higher with products and services that perform well and balance stewardship responsibilities as members of a broader community and environment.
  • A financial return on invested capital is necessary for businesses to provide continued employment. Profits are also needed to reinvest in research and development and build a financially resilient business that can serve both the shareholders and the broader community.

Our Mission

To simplify investing and offer our clients.

  • Capital preservation.
  • Higher monthly income.
  • Freedom from market volatility.
  • No sales charges or commissions.
  • No account management fees.

If our values and mission align with your beliefs about how a business should operate and you’re ready to spend more time pursuing activities you enjoy and less time watching the business channel, I invite you to contact us at the get started tab to learn more. There is no cost or obligation on your part to take the first step.


Brett Kennelly

Founder & Managing Director

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Stadia Capital Group was founded with a specific objective: to provide investments that offer better returns with less volatility and no sales commissions or management fees. Our values reflect who we are as a company, and our mission guides our investment strategy.

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Get our free, no-obligation Investment Overview that shows how our Certificates of Investment could be the ideal choice for your portfolio. In it you’ll learn:

  • Fifteen (15) reasons our Investment Certificates differ from other products in your portfolio.
  • Easily compare key features and risks between popular investment products.
  • How Stadia Capital could be a great partner for your fixed income investment strategy.

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